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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

Whiscash seems stunned by your performance. It glares at you from the water for a few moments and then ducks back under and disappears. Phew!

You recover your Lure Ball and your fishing rod. Who knew fishing was such an exciting sport?

Steak recovered his Wooper and the Old Rod.

Trainer: Steak
Currently: Embarking on a strange journey...

you are pretty sure that is the most difficult quest you have ever been on.

you are also pretty sure that is the second most difficult quest you will ever take. because now you begin your real journey.

you release your team and explain to them the peril and trepidation that is your next objective.

there is something that needs to be done, for the sake of basically everything. you announce that the team will be returning to route 1 for some unfinished business. you only have one Poke Ball, so this mission is absolutely critical. you have no stars to buy more with. perhaps you will find more stars or more Poke Balls along the way, but that is no guarantee.

you lead your team back from whence you came, into route 2.

> Steak: Enter Route 2.
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