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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

Ace Trainer
Nature: Brave

Zephyr (Male)
Lv 17 -- Torrent
Gentle; Strongly defiant

Leon (male)
Lv 15 --Chlorophyll
Jolly; Scatters things often

Palma (Female)
Lv 16--Big Pecks
Naive; good perserverance

Annie (Female)
Lv 17--Static
Gentle; likes to run

Hero (Male)
Lv 16--Inner Focus
Timid; capable of taking hits

Kita (female)
Lv 15--Flash Fire
Hasty; quick to flee

I'll probably switch Palma out for a different Flying Type, and I might trade Leon or Kita for a Sandile. Or maybe Hero, with that unfortunate nature of his... But I'm not sure yet, lol

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