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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

Somehow you have managed to get yourself locked in the library. Even more unfortunately, you're no longer in the library, but a small annexe where old copies of books are kept. Juding by the amount of dust covering everything here, this room isn't checked very often...

You can hear strange noises from outside and what sounds like a human yelling, but you have no way to reach them. You decide to explore the small storage area and see if there's another way out.

You feel along the shelves with your hands in the dark, hoping to find something that feels like a door handle. Eventually you come to the other end of the room. Eureka! There's another door handle... wait a minute... there's another one... and a third! There are three doors along this wall.

You place your ear up against each door. Behind the first one you can hear a strange ticking sound. Behind the second one you can hear something dripping and behind the third one is complete silence... which door are you going to choose?
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Minty touches each of the door handles.
She grabs the second one and opens the door.

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