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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Moon knows something is VERY wrong, judging from Max's reactions. He was crying, which lead her to believe the worst.

But, was Scar really gone?

Fighting the negativity, she starts at the computer. She's doesn't want for Max to go alone, but knows finding the exit is important for the group.

Her fingers continue to dart across the keyboard, calling up more information. Windows pop up and disappear, Moon not really sure of what exactly she's doing. It appears to be working as a map is finally called up.

But it's incomplete...

"Shelly, may you please go help Max? I... don't want him to have to this alone..."

The Wartortle looks at her as if she's requested something completely absurd.


With a grumble, the water type goes, wondering what's going on in Moon's head...

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