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Default Re: Crystal's Short Stories

Passing the Torch
Setting: Pokémon
Rating: G
How long has it been? Days are starting to blur together. I’ve lost track of time and dates. I know it’s been at least two years since I battled Plasma, and it doesn’t feel nearly as long as it should be that I first became a trainer before that.

Crystal Momoyia sat in her office, her chair facing away from her desk and towards the windows the furniture was placed in front of. She still remembers the beginning days of her journey, before her name started to become known. Her rise in popularity and fame happened so fast after that, especially after her travels in Johto. It didn’t help her status at all that she had many unique Pokémon on her team in terms of colors or techniques. She was an elite trainer, the current reigning champion in two regions, and she was one of the highest-ranking officers in a Pokémon tactical force. However that was neither here nor there. Now she was supposed to be relaxing, having been working almost nonstop lately, but something did not add up. Things were too quiet when she knew there was still some activity in a couple criminal organizations.

“You are thinking too much,” a purr sounded, drawing the trainer out of her thoughts.

The woman turned to see her Persian walking up to her. When the feline sat next to her chair she placed a hand on the cat’s head, feeling the soft fur under her fingers. The two stayed like that for a moment, just enjoying each other’s company. That’s how it has always been, Crystal realized. They didn’t need to speak to convey how they felt, even when Persian was first given to her as a Meowth when she was a little girl. This Pokémon was the only one who was not given a nickname, and she never could rename her first partner. When the two became a team she was too young to even think of naming the kitten anything other than calling her by her species, and even as she got older and caught new Pokémon, giving them names, she never named her first.

Her journey down memory lane was cut short when there was a knock on her door. She turned her chair around and allowed entry, and a lower ranked officer came in. He presented her with files that she was to go over before taking his leave. She sighed heavily before looking at the papers. A task she has been given was to find young trainers with a lot of potential. Their forces were low and spread throughout all the regions, so possible new recruits were needed. Her current focus was in the Unova region, hearing from Professor Juniper that there were new trainers. Crystal quickly looked over some of the files, none catching her eye. However when she was about to push the stack away one file did pull her attention. Removing that one from the pile she set it in front of her and carefully read over the text. She wasn’t even aware of the added weight of a Pokémon resting on her head as she read, it wanting to see what it was that had her full attention.

A young woman by the name of Spinel had just started her Unova journey, according to the file. She received a Snivy from Juniper and started in a town Crystal could not recall visiting when she traveled through the region. Spinel had already traveled through the Johto and Sinnoh regions, defeating the Elite Four in both. She was considered a champion, even though she politely declined the title. And in each region she completely started her journey over, even getting a new starter Pokémon. From her battle record she was a talented trainer, and one the Kanto champion wanted to see in person.

She then felt weight shift, causing her head to move. She then looked up, and through her blue bangs she met big blue eyes that shined with curiosity. The little imp Pokémon floated off of her head and landed on her desk, getting a closer look at the papers. It was a chance encounter with this one, and he has been following her ever since. She knew the Pokémon was a Victini, and brought victory to those in his presence, but she knew that he was not meant to be with her. She just has not found the right trainer yet to raise him.

“What do you think, Felix?”

“She sounds interesting,” the Legendary replied. “Can we meet her?”

Crystal smiled at him. “Perhaps,” she said. “First I would like to see her in a battle, and by these records she should be heading to Virbank City… another place in Unova I haven’t visited. So this will certainly be an adventure for all of us.”

“Oh joy,” a growl came from a corner, the Pokémon who voiced it covered in shadow and the only visible trait being his blue eyes.


Virbank City was defiantly an experience, to say the least. It wasn’t like any place Crystal had been in before. Persian and Felix didn’t seem to like it that much, but surprisingly the Houndoom that accompanied them was quite comfortable. His blue eyes lazily looked around, his body relaxed as he walked with his trainer.

The small group had just watched a gym battle between this city’s leader, Roxie, and the trainer they had come to find. Spinel had only used one Pokémon to defeat her, a young Growlithe. She knew what it was like to raise one of the fire-type puppies, an Arcanine being on her main team during he Kanto journey, and she could see how well raised Spinel’s was. She was a remarkable trainer; one Crystal would be honored to share the battlefield with. However the younger woman still had a lot to learn.

“What did you think of her?” she then asked her Pokémon.

“She has potential,” Persian meowed.

Surge, the Houndoom, just shrugged in response. He agreed with the feline, to a point. At her current level he didn’t believe she would come close to their skill level and had a lot to learn, but over time his opinion could change. He’d just have to see her progression.

“I like her!” Felix then said.

Crystal smiled at the duel type’s response. He has said it before about trainers, but now with as much enthusiasm. She then retrieved a small notepad and a pen, quickly writing down a note. With her slowing and then stopping from the walk, all Pokémon became confused and curious. They patiently waited, wondering what their trainer was thinking and doing. After she finished the note she ripped the paper out from the pad, keeping it out while she returned the other items to her bag. She then pulled out a Pokéball, and then after that she attached the note to the sphere with a small piece of tape that she also had stored in her bag. Now the three were even more curious and confused.

“Felix, we all know you’re not meant to be on my team,” she said. “I have never seen you so excited about a trainer before, and I believe you will reach your full potential on Spinel’s team.”

That shocked the Pokémon, especially the Victini in question. He liked being with Crystal and her team. He had fun with them, and liked spending time with them no matter what they were doing. The small Legendary hadn’t expected this at all when they came to Unova. However, deep down, he thought the same. He just didn’t want to lose the friendships he formed with the Kanto champion and her Pokémon.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again. I’ll be keeping a close eye on her to make sure she’s on the right path, and to see your progress.”

That cheered Felix up, and he jumped up and hugged Crystal. She smiled and patted the imp on the head. After the moment was over the Victini floated back, far enough to take his Pokéball from his now ex-trainer. Knowing that he’d see them again put his worries at ease, and now was looking forward to a new journey with new friends. They parted ways outside the Pokémon Center, knowing that Spinel would be out shortly. With no one looking back, everyone had a smile on their face. Even Surge, though his was very subtle. What awaited them all was left to be discovered, but the one thing that was certain was that they would meet again.
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