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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Talking to young man whose name I don't know
I look at the stranger with a piece of sausage in my mouth.
"Augh ghhh oh Uh!? Agg Ugg ii arrff!!" I angrily shout at him.
He looks confused. I swallow the sausage down and repeat what I said.
"Do you want a battle!? I'll give you a battle!" I point at his Pokeballs in his waist. It seems like there are two of them, perfect for a double battle.
"Hmph, from what you said, I bet you haven't got a badge yet do you?" he smirks.
"Treecko, Meowth, let's beat this jerk!"
Treecko and Meowth gulp down all of the remaining Poffins and stand in front of me, in a double battle formation as they angrily stare at the stranger since he insulted their trainer.
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"Ha! That's so cute!" Felix laughs in his annoying way. "Oops! Did I offend you? The fact is, it's not even worth sending out my Pokemon to battle you, it would be over so fast!" he winks. "You keep on training and one day I might accept your challenge. Right now I have places to be, trainers to beat. Bye!" Felix walks off towards Zenith Town.
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