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"Ha! That's so cute!" Felix laughs in his annoying way. "Oops! Did I offend you? The fact is, it's not even worth sending out my Pokemon to battle you, it would be over so fast!" he winks. "You keep on training and one day I might accept your challenge. Right now I have places to be, trainers to beat. Bye!" Felix walks off towards Zenith Town.
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Wandering Route 3
"Sigh~ ... Oh well, let's continue with our journey Treecko, Meowth."
"Treec?" "Nyaa..." Treecko and Meowth look at my eyes, as if I am about to criticize them for being weak.
"Don't worry, he doesn't mean it. You two are the best Pokemon I have ever met!" I try to lighten the mood.
"Tree!" "Nyaa!" Both Pokemon happily cry out and hug my legs.
"So, let's continue with our journey shall we?"
Treecko and Meowth let go of my leg and start to run further into the forest.
"Hahahaha! Wait up!" I also run into the darkness of the forest, trying to catch up with them.

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