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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

( At this point noone including Markus would something happened to Scar. Since I didnt say it and no one else is physic except him and he is kinda pre occupied.)

Max walks out angry. His hand shaking. Deep down he could start to feel that pain coming again.

a voice in his head calls out
* They took him, he was were weak until I found you* Max eyes grow in fear as he hears Dredds voice getting louder and louder.
* You sent him to die* Dredds laugh echos through his thought.
Max powers sky rocket. Gold grabs Mon and jumps onto the ground. Max eyes glow as the as the windows start to shatter. The Soldiers the are shot across the room. Max hand shakes as the soldiers are crushed against the wall.

The Ace Trainer Floats in the air. Moon tries to get up to stop it.

Markus and Spin arrive at the the end of the hall. The smoke blinds them from seeing where they are. Kogas laugh causes Markus to storm in. Both of them slide down a shaft into a some kind of garbage deposit. They are up to there waists in it. Koga sits at high above them.
"Now this is more like it. Waste helps them grow strong..."


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