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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Garchomp has certainly one of the most controversial pokemon in history. Back in 4th generation he had the honour of being the first pokemon banned and for good reason he had the typing, he had the bulk, the had the speed and he had the moves, few things could take an attack from 2+ outrage and even fewer of them could hurt them back, weavile and bronzog owed much of their usage due to garchomp and they were indeed used frequently in the top 20 despite their mediocrity and of course garchomp was king, no 1 in usage every single month unquestioned. Then he got banned and surprisingly took ubers by storm, being both faster than most ubers and still hitting hard even by uber standards he fitted in nicely to his life as a starchy tuber . Later people thought hey maybe he is not so bad and he got re-tested and again he was banned althrough admittedly it was very close vote.
5th gen came and the power creep arrived and it seemed garchomp was solid ou but again he was banned to ubers for being overpowered. However recently smogon wondered whether it was really garchomp that was the problem and here we come to a completely different conclusion. Sand veil cmae under scrutiny and as this was the sole ability of chomp people wondered whether this is what had broken chomp. A tested for chomp and sand veil was done and even before it started it was obvious most people had made up their mind, the stone edge accuracy made garchomp really hard to counter and thus made him broken, not hiding behind hax most thought garchomp was easy to handle and during the test this was thus proven too and the mighty chomp was voted by a landslide into out with only 3 out of 50 odd people thinking he was broken.
Now the future is bright for garchomp he has been given a chance to redeem himself in the most used tier and may his furry hold no bound. This dragon was banned for good reason, hax pushed him too far, but base 130 attack is all too apparent with stab outrage and earthquake, may god have mercy on all those that face this mighty dragon.

here is the garchomp artical, i am having issues with my pms so i can't pm it.
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