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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Great...YOU MOTHER******!!!

*Tries to find a way out of the Garbage chute before the Muk eat him*

*The room gradually heats up from Markus'es frustration*

Spin, tell me you have SOMETHING that flies, right?! SOMETHING?! Oh, hold it a minute.

<*Gets Max's wierd vibes, believes Dark Dredd did it*>

<*thinking to himself* Well, c**p. To feel Max from here without trying means bad, bad things...>

Oh, forget this! Spin, ready yourself!

Max! Don't kill him! If you do, you'll be wanted by the IP! He's just doing his job now! He's HELPING! Uhh...Right? Look, he's here to help! HE'S HERE TO HELP!!!...Right?

*Tries to find something heavy to hit Max with over the head, thereby knocking him out and preventing him from killing Jace and Silph's agents*
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