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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
Just noticed something about the Dream Radar. It will only give you a chance to capture the legendaries in the games you have defeated the Eliete 4 in. I now hav DW Giratina, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

I never owned Diamond, so Dialga will never happen for me, but now I have figured out Palkia will be highly unlikely for me. I gave the game to the kid in my house to play, and since he never beat the E-4, no Palkia for me, for now. I doubt I will bother beating the E-4 in Pearl just to get something I will probably never use, anyways.

But yeah, if you want the D/P/Plt/HG/SS mascot Pokes from the Dream Radar, be sure you have a save file in which you have beaten the E-4 on those carts, or you won't be getting them.

It's all good though, Giratina and Lugia were the only two that really interested me.

And one more thing......

No I'm not, I just decided to conform my username over all of the Poke sites I frequent. At one point I was your fiercest rival in the LMSSI. ;)

I used to be known as "Skippy the Great".

(Mystery be actin' like a noob now. ) (lol)
lugia and ho-oh are the only legandaries with solid abilities, telepathy seriously troll freak? oh i guess it's decent on multi battles for dialga, but then again spamming earthquake is what you do in doubles.
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