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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Max floats above the ground. The force being exerted on the room is immense Gold tries to get closer but can hardly get off the ground. Moon crawls closer to him. The soldiers cry out in pain as the are pressed harder and harder against the wall.
Jace floats cough out blood.

*Silph Co is to blame for this, youre technology and affiliation with team rocket has put Kanto in danger.*

The Muk move in surrounding Markus and Spin.

Koga stops laughing as he feels the psychic presence.
"Your friend is a danger, and he isnt as powerful as the powerful as his counter. Markus it must be killing you to have to defend him."

Koga shows the vile
" This is the only way to stop him!"

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