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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
You only do that in the Pokemon World Tournament. I did the PWT one time, but only the intro versionyou go to when you first enter into Driftveil City.

Also, note, there is one former gym leader that does not appear in the Pokemon World Tournament. Koga does not appear. Guessing it's because he was upgraded to the Elite Four in G/S/C/HG/SS.
Well thats strange because both Geo and Blue are shown as gym trainer sprites.

Originally Posted by Knuckles View Post
A few things..
1. I'm mad... Was planning on playing through the game on challenge mode so i went into Japanese game to transfer over the key.. the key unlocked easy mode... Apparent you unlock challenge mode by beating the main story in black... My Japanese version is white >:(
2. Of all the people in town I know, nobody is too terribly close to beating their game except one person... They have white...
3. Since I restarted before i got going for nature, NONE of my genies I got from the dream radar are playable (tornadus is impish, thundurus is jolly, landorus is quiet)

On a slightly brighter side, the team I'm actually going to playthrough with is as follows;

I got several spare stones to use, and about 3 sacred ash from the dream radar as well. Eventually going to check iv's
that seems like a decent team to play through with, where did rotom come from ?

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