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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:
You fall asleep and dream of your journey. There you are, standing on the champion's podium at the Pokemon League... Sceptile and Persian stand proudly by your side. You wave to the cheering crowd... and everything goes black. You start to run but you can't escape the suffocating blackness. Where are you? Where'd your Pokemon go? What's going on?!

You wake up from your dream, or is it nightmare? Meowth and Treecko seem to have nodded off. Each is sprawled on the ground, half eaten Poffins are scattered around. Half eaten?! That can't be right! You know your hungry Pokemon would never fall asleep in the middle of eating.

One of the bushes around you begins to tremble a little. You watch it cautiously. You try nudging Treecko and Meowth awake, but they're completely out. The bush shakes again.

You have no Pokemon to protect you. Who knows what's hiding in the bushes. Maybe you should grab Meowth and Treecko and make a run for it? Or maybe you should be brave and see what's going on, maybe something needs your help... what are you going to do?
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"Who's there?"
I yawn loudly while drowsily looking at my sleeping Pokemon. I know what this is! Whoever it is out there used Hypnosis on my Pokemon! I take out two Lava Cookies from my bag and put it in both my Pokemon's mouth. Then, I walk into the bush and find...
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