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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

My White 2 Stats - Update Number 3

Current Location: Giant Chasm
Badges: 8

Krokorok w/ Soft Sand
Lv. 50 - Moxie
Rock Slide
Meet the Dark Knight. He's easily one of my top fighters, and his ability is just so kick ass!

Litwick w/ Lucky Egg
Lv. 54 - Flash Fire
Will O Wisp
Flame Burst
Shadow Ball
This girl really knows how to reap the souls of her enemies. Her stats are frigging awesome that I can almost kill anything (that she can damage) with her moves. I love her <3

Galvantula w/ BrightPowder
Lv. 49 - Compoundeyes
Sucker Punch
X Scissor
Electro Ball
Need to find a good physical based thunder move or get it Thunder thanks to its ability. Either way, he's a very good lead. Which prolly means I'll be teaching him Volt Switch anytime soonish...

Braviary w/ Sharp Beak
Lv. 55 - Defiant
Crush Claw
Aerial Ace
One of the best flying type Pokemon I've ever come across in my life. This guy is a real soldier, and never gives up without a fight! Good ability for boost its monstrous attack stat to give him an upperhand in battles!

Lucario w/Leftovers
Lv. 53 - Inner Focus
Ice Punch
Quick Attack
Force Palm
Swords Dance
I'm calling this guy Dragon Slayer. Drayden and Ghetsis got raped by this beast :D

Lv. 51 - Torrent
Aqua Jet
Ice Beam
The master of beasts. Not really a variety of moves, but they're good enough for him :D for now...


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