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Exclamation Pokemon Morals

I am playing Black 2 and I am to the Dragon Gym.

Is it considered wrong or cheating if I trade a lv.1 ice type from my white version to my Black 2 version to train up for the battle?

I know most would consider it cheating if it was a lv 70+ pre trained pokemon, but my methods just aren't cutting it. While playing white version ice types were easily obtainable, but on Black 2, it's rather difficult.

Anyone have any input if it is against a trainers morals to trade from one version to another for gain?

I already had a hard enough time fighting with myself whether to use Genosect in pre-E4 training. I just don't know if it would be right or wrong to transfer from another version to train up for a gym leader because I'm impatient.
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