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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Looks like that could have gone a bit more smoothly…” Ichiru said as the small group outside turned to face him.

"Next time I see him he's getting his ass kicked." Damon responded, Diana giving him a warning look.

"No you won't." Diana warned. "Everything needs to be as peaceful as possible."

"I never get to do anything fun." Damon sighed, though he gave Diana a playful smile. "Let's get you back inside so you don't get sick."

A few hours had gone by that day as Caroline still remained asleep, though after the third blood pouch that was pumped in her vein Bonnie gave the clearance that Caroline didn't have to have any more blood, Bonnie unhooking the needle from Caroline's arm. All of the Vampire's wounds had healed on their own, leaving no traces at all of what happened to her.

Kol had returned to the house, now playing with Abigail and Scarlet outside along with Diana, Damon, Ashley and Kotomi. Stefan, Lexi, Kevin, Elijah, Meredith and Isobel were relaxing inside while Bonnie went back home to help Jeremy take care of April. During the hours Ashley had convinced Bill to eat some food and drink a bottle of water, the man remaining silent however.

Upstairs, Caroline squinted at the sunlight that shined through the bedroom window and opened her eyes, the young Vampire rubbing them for a few moments before sitting up on the bed. She looked at her arms in amazement, seeing that all of her wounds were gone. The burning in her body from the Vervain was gone as well, Caroline giving out a sigh in relief.

"I feel so much better..." Caroline spoke her thoughts out loud.

At Klaus' mansion Mason sat on a couch and looked outside, watching as more snow fell from the sky. Klaus walked up to the Hybrid, though Mason didn't say anything or turn to face him.

"Still pouting?" Klaus asked, Mason looking up at him.

"I pretty much lost my friends, my girlfriend, so yeah. I'm still pouting." Mason growled.

"Ah, about your little girlfriend. I need you to bite Damon." Klaus responded.

"What?" Mason asked in shock, standing up.

"Don't make me repeat myself."

"A Hybrid bite will kill a Vampire." Mason argued.

"Yeah yeah, I know exactly what it will do. Damon pushed you too far by stealing away your pregnant girlfriend so I need you to stand your ground and push back." Klaus shrugged.

"I'm not biting Damon!"

"Mason... I've been super nice with this whole Sire Bond towards you, so consider this me putting your undying loyalty to the test." Klaus smirked.

"What the hell is wrong with you? As much as I hate him, I'm not hurting Damon." Mason growled as he stepped in front of Klaus. The two stared at each other, Klaus giving out a sigh.

"Alright, alright. I'm disappointed, but it's your choice. Strong free will and all. You can go now." Klaus said. Mason looked down at the ground, then leaving the house a few moments later. Mason made his way towards the Salvatore house for some reason, seeing the toddlers, Ashley, Kol, Kotomi, Damon and Diana playing outside in the snow. Diana looked up from a large snowman they were making and locked eyes with Mason, who was standing next to a tree.

"Mase?" Diana asked, the group looking over to the Hybrid.

"What are you doing here?" Damon asked, walking towards the Hybrid.

"Damon..." Diana warned.

"I'll be nice." Damon reassured her, the Vampire standing in front of Mason now. "Look, if you're here to start trouble then we really don't want to put up with it." Mason didn't say anything, except locking eyes with Damon. A few moments later Mason striked, Damon never seeing the action coming as Mason used his speed and bit Damon on the neck.

"Uncle Damon!" Scarlet screamed. As fast as the action happened Mason backed away from Damon, a shocked expression on his face.

"Did you... did you just..." Damon began, though he couldn't form a proper sentence as his hand traveled to the side of his neck, feeling the bite.

"Damon!" Diana yelled in shock, the young Witch running over to him. Mason didn't know what just happened. It was like he couldn't control himself. Without another word Mason quickly left, leaving the group outside and surrounded Damon.

"No no no not again." Ashley said as she looked at Damon, his expression of shocking turning to one of rage.

"Now I'm going to kill him!" Damon growled.

"We need to get him inside and figure out what we're going to do." Kotomi said as Kol nodded, Ashley motioning her children inside as the group followed.
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