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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

My team :D Take 2!!!
Black 2 Stats

Name: Autumn
ID Number: 20080
Started: October 7th, 2012
Badges: 7

Calypso [F] Lvl. 50
Sassy and Mischievous/Torrent
Mystic Water
Dig, Aqua Tail, Surf, Hydro Cannon

Auron [M] Lvl. 43
Serious and A little quick tempered/Steadfast
Scope Lens
ThunderPunch, Force Palm, Metal Claw, Dig

Gucci [M] Lvl. 43
Rash and Likes to thrash about/Swarm
Miracle Seed
Leaf Blade, Razor Leaf, X-Scissor, Return

Varia [F] Lvl. 29
Rash and Michievious/Run Away
Silk Scarf
Bite, Take Down, Covet, Dig

Antigrav [U - I classify Anti as a Male though] Lvl. 42
Quiet and Likes to run/Magnet Pull
Flash Cannon, Spark, Charge Beam, Electro Ball

Aukira [F] Lvl.46
Jolly and Often lost in thought/Flash Fire
Flare Blitz, Crunch, Outrage, Heat Wave

Okay, the reason why Eevee hasn't evolved or leveled up more is because I've been wanting to make her a Glaceon. :/ I honestly thought I could get it before I fought Drayden... obviously - I was mistaken. :/

Another piece of news. I found a Shiny Skorupi in Reversal Mountains! :D Bad news... Bianca killed it before I could catch it. >>

I looked up when I can enter Twist Mountain and by what I'm reading I can't until after the Elite Four? Dx What is this nonsense! Ugh. D:
Jolteon owns all other eeveelutions~ ;D

♥ Jolteon Lover ♥

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