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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Is that a-Is that a Shiny Spinarak?!

...Well, lucky dude right there! *Takes a picture* Nevertheless, uhh...*Pulls out a coin, flips it, lands on heads*...Monarch, target the Ledyba!

Attacker: Monarch the Butterfree
Attackee: Ledyba
Attacker's Points: 10
Attackee's Points: 8
Bonuses: -12 on Ledyba (-10 for Ledyba facing A Full Evo, -2 ...Waitaminute...)
Ledyba Fainted!
Attacker's Remaining Points: 10

<*Thinking to himself* When a fight is just plain wrong, we all sing the curbstomp song!...Where did that come from?>

Great Job Monarch!

Free! Terf!

(Yep, Dredd, the horror that is a literally free battle is brought upon your eyes. Monarch would waste no points even without the type bonus, and there is no denying the evolution bonus exists.)
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