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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze), Pidgey (Freya)
Currently: Walking. No, really.

*Entering from Route 1*

It grew dark quicker than I thought it would, no thanks to the thicker plant growth in this area. Yet, as expected, the flame on Blaze’s tail helped me see the path ahead. The road was well maintained, and I did not have to worry about tripping on random forest junk as my Pokémon and I continued on our journey. However, our stamina eventually ran out. We both needed a good night’s rest before continuing onward. When the last of the light from the sunset smoldered away, we finally stopped and made our primitive camp.

I had no real possessions of my own—no legitimate camping gear or anything—but the folks who rescued me kindly lent me a few blankets for the journey. Straying off the road a little ways, I found a good tree stump to rest beside and started emptying my backpack. Blaze stood beside me, helping me see what I was doing. He glanced around the darkened woods, though I couldn’t tell if he was scared or not. I tried not to linger over how I felt about sleeping in the woods alone at night. I really didn’t want to think about it, because then I would get scared.

“Char?” Blaze turned his head as if something caught his eye. Suddenly, he wandered away from me.

“Hey!” I complained as my view of my gear grew dim. “I wasn’t done yet!”

My complaints were ignored. Sighing in exasperation, I dropped what I was doing and followed after my Charmander. He had only gone a few feet away, back to the road, but he had scooped something up into his little hands.

“What do you got there, little guy?” I frowned, looking over his shoulder.

Blaze cocked his head as he examined the thing in his hands. Unable to figure out what it was, he turned and offered it to me. Crouching next to him so I could see better, I held the item up into the light. It didn’t seem like a remarkable object. It looked like some kind of electronic device, with a durable plastic coating that had been painted black and red. There were no buttons on the outside, but I quickly found out that it slid open and elongated like a phone.

The LCD screen lit up as soon as I opened it, causing me to flinch back in surprise. After my eyes adjusted, I watched in fascination as a logo appeared on the screen: PokéDex. My head buzzed as I felt a sense of familiarity. I should know what this thing was, but as hard as I tried to remember, nothing came to me. After the logo disappeared, a new screen was pulled up, displaying a long list of what seemed to be Pokémon.

“Huh… Will you look at—” I stopped short as the screen suddenly changed again.


Blaze and I both jumped as the device began beeping. In a few short moments, the device displayed various information on Charmander.

“Is this…?” I marveled as I read over the page. Apparently, we had stumbled across some sort of Pokémon encyclopedia. Fate or whoever was in charge around me must have heard my earlier thoughts. Still… Glancing back down the road, I called out, “Hello? Anyone out there?”

No one answered. Someone must have dropped this thing a while ago. I frowned as I looked it over, thinking it was a shame to lose something so valuable. I figured I better hold on to it for now; perhaps I could turn it in at Navi town, or maybe even return it to its owner in person. Patting Blaze on the head while continuing to study the device, I wandered back to my tree trunk.

Instead of getting ready for bed, however, I ended up playing on the device for quite some time…
Official's Post:

Whilst playing with your device, you hear frantic Pokemon cries. You hastily get up and investigate. You hear angry Makuhita. They're ganging up on a poor Roggenrola! They leave when they notice your presence. You try to help the damaged Roggenrola, but it sees you as a predator and prepares to fight!

Wild Roggenrola appeared. Write a paragraph to catch it!

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