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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

...Well, I could reason that Max would not want a fully-trained Ninja on his back, where he could easily poison him, or something akin to that scenario, but other than that, I see your point, and will discuss his death date being TODAY. Theroughly.


I could feel it from a garbage disposal chute-and don't ask how me and Spin got there-Max went Dredd for a few seconds. Dredd is strong enough to wrestle control from Max. And he was attacking allies! Jace wasn't there to hurt him! Silph was there to HELP! That's even worse than me! OK, I raged at you at the 3-Ring base, but bloody hell, I didn't actually ATTACK you, now did I?!


Max's only use to my opinion was that he was an undisputed a** kicker and a extreme pain in the Rocket's a** at this point! But now, it's clear Max isn't the person, he's the side effect, and Dredd is actually the person who's just regaining control of his psychic-boosted body! Well, if Koga wasn't lying. Bloody a** probably was. But either way, the Rockets want him ALIVE. Him dead ruins a lot of their bloody, motherf***ing plans, now doesn't it?!

...That's rather harsh.

Admittiantly so, and I already hated him. But too much information has come our way at this point to not have, at least, a talk, a calm discussion, as to if we should kill Max. If he's alive, anyways...*Patiantly waits at the entrance to the Rocket Lair, burnt-down*

The whole discussion thing aside, we have a Rocket Base in Fuschia City, clearly, and we only said the cure was possibly in there. Henceforth, we have the evidence Silph wanted! You have to let Max go now, right?!

*Scans the Crowd of wild Pokemon for a Dratini* Come on, Dratini...Come to Markus!


Hey, great way to relax a little...

...Hey, where'd that Kadabra go?

That's the Abra that saved my a** and yours a few times, remember? He evolved. Hehehe, Koga never knew what hit him.

It looked like he had a wierd scar on his back. White-ish.

Really? Must have been the Muk. How'd I miss it?! I'll-*Looks around for the Kadabra, realizes it's gone*-Oh. He left...Perhaps he'll heal it himself?

...Can't focus on the wierd s**t or I'll go crazy...*Keeps looking for a Dratini in the crowd of Firefighting Pokemon*
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