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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Koga is clever keeping ahead of Max as the chases continues deep into the Safari Zone structure. The red emergency lights flash on and off. Max does his best to keep up with him. Koga leads Max to a room that is surrounded with prison cells. Max stops chasing for a moment. He hears the sound of people in the cages.

" Geezus Koga, what have you done."

The sound of coughing fills the rooms.

Koga voice echos through.
" What needed to be done, the newest recruits !"

On the outside, Red Team helps get the people away safe. They also help put the fire out.

Jayce looks at the group laughing.
" What a little time has done to you people is pretty sad. Each of you waiting to kill each other...No wonder Max has become so angry. Before you go painting us out as heros we would have let all of you burn in that building if it gave us Koga."

Soldiers rush over to help him.

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