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Default Re: Pokemon Morals

I, for one, do not feel that this is cheating in any way. You have still raised the pokemon, and I'm assuming it was you that caught it on the other version? I will quite often trade over a set of 3 pokemon very early in the game (after the first gym) and swap them out for other members of my team, so that I'm able to play with pokemon that I enjoy playing with, or get to try new combinations that I hadn't used before. I also tend to swap my team around as I go through quite a lot, depending on my team's weaknesses. Personally, I don't see any of that as cheating, however I can see how some people would.

If you would rather keep with something from your own Black 2 game, how about going and getting a Jellicent and teaching it Blizzard (bought from Lacunosa town)(if you have surf yet? I'm not sure when you can get it because I haven't started playing B2 yet). Other options would be something like Lucario as it resists Dragon and can pack Ice Punch (movetutor in Driftveil City), or catching a Trapinch of your own in the Desert Resort and training it up to be Flygon (although its appearance rate is only 5%, might take a while) and finally, an Azumarill with Hugepower and Ice Punch will pack a wallop. There are probably other options out there, but these are the ones I would probably use.

Also, I'm not sure that any of Drayden's pokemon will actually carry any fire moves on them so you might be alright just with Genosect, unless you're doing the challenge mode.

Hope this has helped!

- ND

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