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Thanks N.D.
I finally decided to rough it and just use PKMN found in Black 2. I didn't know Lucario could use Ice Punch (Mainly because I've never used/trained one before) I may have to try that if my current strategy doesn't work out. (and yes be prepared, he has a Druddigon that knows Flamethrower lol)

But my current strategy is.
I have a lv. 44 Starmie with Blizzard and Icy Wind.
lv. 40 Genesect that I taught Icy Wind a while back (For jumping in if starmie gets knocked out. His speed is good enough to get a first attack in)
lv. 47 Cobalion to use as a wall to revive the other two and start the rotation again.

Thanks again for the input! I may be using it if this doesn't go as planned!
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