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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post

Apparently Creepy Guy

The guy looks angry for a moment, it almost seems he's going to reach out and grab your Pokemon without your permission! But at the last second he pulls back.

"Not very friendly are you heh?" he chuckles. "I only asked to see your Pokemon, I wasn't going to take them. But now that you're being so rude I think I'm going to have to teach you a little lesson heh heh."

He grabs a Pokeball from his pocket and releases the Pokemon inside. A Rhyhorn materialises and begins to paw at the ground angrily.

You've been challenged by Rhyhorn! Write a paragraph about the battle!
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Rhyhorn!
"Go Treecko, show him that you're too good to be touched!"
"Tree!" Treecko immediately jump into the sky and land in front of the Rhyhorn.
"Treecko, use screech!"
Treecko open his mouth and releases an ear-splitting sound wave. The unsuspecting Rhyhorn flinched in surprise, causing his defenses to fall.
"Now, use bullet seed!" Once again, Treecko open his mouth to unleash furious lightning-speed seeds at the Rhyhorn. Suddenly, the Poke Maniac jump in front of the seeds and block his Rhyhorn from harm. The Rhyhorn happily whimpers. I look at the Poke Maniac, aghast from what he did.
"What are you doing!? You can be fatally injured! Your skin isn't as hard as Rhyhorn's!"
I criticize his foolish actions.
"But, Rhyhorn is my precious pokemon, I got him from my first visit to Kanto's Safari Zone." He nervously reply.
"It's true Pokemon can get hurt, but why capture your Rhyhorn if you don't trust his battling skills? Even I trust my Treecko to battle a Pokemon 3 times larger than him!"
"Uhh... I'm sorry Rhyhorn." He cries while hugging his Rhyhorn's spiky back.
"*Sigh* Here, use this to cover your wounds." I take out a box of Band Aids from my bag and give it to the crying Poke Maniac.
"*Sniff* I'm sorry. I just want to touch your Treecko's head. Treeckos are rare in Celestia..."
I look at him with pity and look back at my Treecko. Treecko stare into my eyes and shakes his head violently.
"Sorry, I can't. It's just weird for a stranger to touch my Treecko. Speaking of strangers, what's your name?"
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