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Default Re: General Submissions and News

Stealing a good layout from the first reply.

Type: Picture blog, of sorts
Author: Mine!
Link: Chonicles of Pokémon Black Version 2 (Public Facebook Picture Album)
Description: I am doing an almost completely blind and "for fun" play through of Black 2 and taking random pics along the way. I say almost, because I do have the guide, but I won't use it except if I'm stuck and to just compare my progress with theirs. To understand what each pic is about or what's going on, you need to read the description for each.

Oh, and if you'd like to be friends on Facebook send me a message or a PM here to let me know who you are on the site. I'm VERY picky about who I approve.

Anyway, enjoy! I hope this is ok to submit.

Note: This album is Public, which means you don't need to add me to view it, but you do need to have an account on Facebook. I'm actually hurting myself a bit making this public. Marking the album Public means I have to go to the full site for Facebook and approve pictures before they will show up, and I may be in a hurry or forget to, so bear with me please.
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