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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Kababra smiles.
"Kaaaa Dab RAAA"

Moon is teleported into a hall. The room is filled with smoke she can hear people for help. She rushes over to the see whats going on. She sees Max standing in the smoke. He steps closing his eyes.

" You do not define me Koga, and either does the shadow. If he was foolish enough to give me his power then that his loss."

Moon and Kadabra stumble as something amazing starts to happen. They are still unnoticed.

Max screams out.
"No one else will die down here!!! You took Scar Koga but will not take these kids!"
Tears come down

the bars starts to shake back and forth. Four floors of the bars shaking. Max's hand shake a the bars break through the wall on all the floors.

Cement rains down all over the floor.
Kadabra uses its powers to block Moon and itself from the bars the are falling all around.

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