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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Daniel and Samael
Human (Magus) and Jellicent
The Seventh Rose

When I tried to listen for job offers, I got diddly. I was just about to give Samael an 'I told you so' when the entire tavern fell silent.

I turned my head, only to see a brawl. I was unsurprised, the sheer amount of alcohol in the establishment (I always wondered why people drank the stuff: it was stupid, limiting your mind like that, and doubly so for a Magus, where a loss of thought generally meant a loss of life) made THAT inevitable. I was rolling my eyes at this idiotic behavior when I noticed them brawlers freeze. I noticed two women, and one of them was wielding Power. And with that, it looked like she made them stop. Her companion said a few stern words, but I wasn't listening much. I was too focused on letting loose a quiet stream curses in five different languages.

"Yes, we get it, your vocabulary is very colorful. So why are you showing the rainbow right now?"

"Samael, a spell of that power is freaking terrifying. To be able to exert your will over not only one, but two sentient beings indicates a level of power that's on par with and probably beats my healing and Teacher's wielding of force and fire. If the girl is half as proficient with any other magic as she was with that, this entire tavern would probably point blank DIE against her. And I doubt she keeps weak company."

I drew in as much Power as I could possibly hold at that point, enough for a transformation and a few minor, or a few less major, healing spells. I didn't transform, nor did I release any spells; it was really annoying, trying to hold back that much Power (I can hear Teacher in my head right now, chiding me about how it takes energy to control energy), but if this wizard or her companion decided I needed a facial readjustment, I could transform, hold up a Protect until I boosted my speed, and run the hell out of there before they decided I wasn't worth the effort, healing my injuries as I incurred them (hopefully). I then decided my energy would best be spent deciding what I was going up against, and tried to figure out the two girls.

Action: Perception Check on the girls.
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