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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Max stands above Koga.
" Its ironic that it would end here. No im not going to harm you but you have a lot of explaining to do."

Koga laughs
"How do you intend on doing that boy, surrounded by my pokemon."

Max smirks.
"Its simple really, they are no longer yours...They respect power..and at this moment I have it."

The Ekans and Arbok turn on Koga forcing him to rush back to the throne where he sits unable to move.

"Markus tried to read your thoughts earlier...He was to weak for it. Sabrina thought me a little something by almsot killing me. Its not about psychical power, its about will power."

an arbok raises out of the crowd following Max.
"Now then, how about you hand over the Serum."

Koga shows off his impressive power and resists for a little while but soon his hand starts to shake as he reaches in. The Arbok gaze teamed with Maxs power boost is to much. Koga growls handing it over.

"you think you won, you fool, Ill never let any of team rockets secerets go! " Koga throws the serum. Using the time, to slip his hand into his pocket injecting a needle into his leg. Koga faints.

The cops start to help the childern out, carrying them off in blankets or walking them to their cars.

The Captain stands looking at Red Team.
"well ?"

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