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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

*Calming down the Kids by letting them play with his (Fully consious) Pokemon*

*Far away from the Kids* You're seriously considering killing Max?!

*Calmly* Three out of four of Red Team wouldn't, not counting the man himself. But at this point, all I ask for is a calm, simple, rational discussion of viewpoints, a weighing of benefits against drawbacks, of possible fortunes or consequences. I can't stand the paranoia anymore, especially since I can remove the problem! Dredd is the problem, and it's clear it's amplifying it's power in Max's mind. If Koga wasn't lying to Max to psych him out, Max is just a side-effect, and Dredd is the actual person that got the powers, who has very little moral bounds of his own, and I'm doubtful the Rockets wouldn't pass up the potential to take the power for their own, Max being a side-effect regardless. And you saw Jace-you saw what happened, right?

He was angry, he lost control for a minute, Moon calmed him right down...Maybe Jace was that much of a jerk?

He's a jerk, alright, but that much of a jerk, I'm doubful. I want to hear the full story of what set him off...Look, I'm not looking to murder Max the instant he comes back, I'm looking for a discussion with the four members of Red Team who'se names do not include 'Max,' 'Jack,' 'Daniels,' and 'Dredd,' in that order, and reason with them if Max should or should not be left alive.

It's still rash, we don't know the circumstances of what happened. He looked really sad before he went all Dredd-y, mabey that had something to do with it. Look, Markus, I don't want Max dead, he doesn't deserve to die.

He doesn't deserve to die, Dredd does, and that's why we're having that discussion-who's more deserving of what?

You're literally considering killing somebody.

It's...Look, I'll be frank. It's all scaring me, what our future and the future of others entail. Look! *Points at the kids* They'll be 10 soon! Like us! Journeying through Kanto! We're not fooling ourselves, we're not wiping out a whole criminal organization, they're coming back even if we kill Giovanni, Dredd, all their leaders, and show their experiments to the world and develop counters, and dedicate our lives to eradicating them! But that, mate, is a hell of a lot better than what happens if they win-and one of their win conditions is having power, and Dredd is one hell of a power source! Gold, look at them, and tell me, with all honesty, that they deserve to go through what we are?! Clean up our mess?! And not just these kids, every kid going on an adventure...I'm not paranoid, I'm

...Gold, I'm just scared...*Sits down*...*Starts crying a little*...I'm just really, really scared...

*Gold pauses briefly, then starts comforting Markus silently*

*few minutes later, Markus hears what Jace said*

*Gold also heard*

...Gold, what happened?

He flipped, then the Silph Company soldiers were sent flying into walls, me and Moon were nearly paralyzed, and Jace was floating...In serious pain...

...Don't you dare think I'm defending Max, I'm just teaching Jace some humility. Lying to a policeman is a crime, and I'd just love to see him lose his Pokemon.

*Walks up to the Police Captain* Officer, he's lying. He has bias against Max and HAS been assinged specifically to track him down and capture him. Team Rocket and Koga only became the objectives when they found the TR base we infiltrated. You may drag out a Psychic Pokemon specifically trained to realize the liars from the truthtellers, Jace is lying and I am telling the truth.

Yhea, Markus is right. Jace is a liar. Jace was sent specifically to hunt down Max. As for Max getting in the way, Koga brainwashed Max, briefly, with an Arbok's special ability, and that's the only footage Jace's got. Jace wasn't there for that, either. Arbok knowing Hypnosis isn't a one-shot. It's replicable, but definately uncommon. A few months of tutoring from a Psychic-Type and a Hypnosis attack could be replicated in most Arbok. Koga just had one that didn't need that training and learned it in the Wild. After that, though...

Max apparently went into a state of extreme emotion, briefly, he hasn't spoken up yet and I don't know the details. All that matters is that Jace-who, at this point, had a rather less-than-friendly rivalry with Max-just being there, apparently set him off. I am NOT vouching for Max's actions here, that was completely uncalled for. It took some calming down to fix him, apparently.

Inside the Rocket Base-and we're currently unsure of if she survived-is the Legendary Pokemon Cresselia. They were making chemicals to produce and remove the effects of brainwashing, among other things, for their purpouses-specifically, forced induction to TR. Completely immoral. TR burnt it down as a security measure, I don't know if she's still inside...Or alive...The Pokemon firefighting must have been her work, though, so it's a good chance she survived.

Max and Koga both went in, and a Kadabra-may I mention that a wild Abra, recently having evolved into a Kadabra was a lifesaving asset to us at least twice in the Rocket Base? Needed to noted that Kadabra, just needed to-anyways, a Kadabra teleported a girl in, presumably to Max's position. Neither have come back yet. There was also one other person that went in with us-a boy, 'Scar' Duded. Not sure what his real first name is, but he's got a Last name of 'Duded.' The girl's only known name to me is Moon. All will reconize themselves as part of Red Team, save Koga for obvious reasons. We're Red team, every trainer here that isn't part of that group of kids over there, as well as Max, Moon, and Scar.

...Sir, we present to you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Arceus.

Sir, we present to you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Arceus.

*Both take deep breaths*
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