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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Next time I see him he's getting his ass kicked." Damon responded to Ichiru, but Diana gave him a warning look.

"No you won't. Everything needs to be as peaceful as possible."

"I never get to do anything fun." Ichiru chuckled softly as Damon sighed and gave Diana a playful smile. "Let's get you back inside so you don't get sick."

"I feel so much better..."

A few hours later, Kiseki faintly heard Caroline’s voice from beside him, bringing him to slowly open his eyes to see her sitting up beside him. He hadn’t even realized he had fallen asleep beside her, and considering he hadn’t known that Bonnie had taken the needle out of her, he must have been sleeping heavily.

“You look like you’re glowing from down here.” He spoke with a soft chuckle, sitting up and giving the blonde a light kiss. “I was so worried about you…”

Outside, Aiden and even Ichiru had joined the toddlers and a few others out of the group to play in the snow. Aiden had just managed to hit Ichiru in the face with a snowball when he noticed a familiar figure over near a tree.

"Mase?" Ichiru looked over in the direction of the Hybrid along with everyone else after wiping the snow from his face as Diana spoke.

"What are you doing here?" Damon asked as he started toward the Hybrid.

"Damon..." Diana warned.

"I'll be nice." Damon reassured her, the Vampire standing in front of Mason now. Ichiru felt a sudden feeling come over him as he looked at the two, bringing him to glance around the group to see if anyone else felt it. "Look, if you're here to start trouble then we really don't want to put up with it."

When Mason didn’t say anything and simply locked eyes with Damon in response, Ichiru got the sudden urge to pull the older Vampire away from him. However, before he could even question this, Mason suddenly used his speed to bite Damon on the neck.

"Uncle Damon!" Scarlet screamed, and Ichiru and Aiden froze in place, any trace of color in their pale skin draining away.

"Did you... did you just..." Mason appeared as shocked as Damon, who brought his hand up to the bite on his neck.

"Damon!" Diana’s yell snapped Ichiru and Aiden out of their shock, the two joining the rest of the group as they surrounded Damon.

"No no no not again." Ashley said as Ichiru stood beside her. He glanced around for Mason as Damon announced that he was going to kill him, seeing that the Hybrid had already disappeared.

"We need to get him inside and figure out what we're going to do." Kotomi said, to which Ichiru and Aiden nodded along with Kol, following the group inside. Once they had arrived in the house, Ichiru’s mind finally began to race to think of ways to help.

“The last time this happened, he had to drink all of Ashley’s blood in order to be healed, but…”

“That wouldn’t work now.” Aiden finished Ichiru’s sentence softly as he looked at Damon, trying to think of anything he had learned before that could be of use. Wasn’t there anything that they could do?
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