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Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze), Pidgey (Freya)
Currently: Attempting a capture!

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Official's Post:

Whilst playing with your device, you hear frantic Pokemon cries. You hastily get up and investigate. You hear angry Makuhita. They're ganging up on a poor Roggenrola! They leave when they notice your presence. You try to help the damaged Roggenrola, but it sees you as a predator and prepares to fight!

Wild Roggenrola appeared. Write a paragraph to catch it!
“Sheesh, what’s wrong with you?” I demanded from the Pokémon, recoiling as the weird rock thing tried to kick me. “We just want to help!”

The rock thing simply growled—or rattled, however it made noise. I glanced over at Blaze, who shrugged. Was there any other way to get through to it?

I stared at the creature for a brief moment until something clicked in my memory. I got the feeling that I had seen a lot of these little rock critters before—I didn’t even need to play with the PokéDex to know that it was a Roggenrola.

Putting on a stern expression, I said to it, “Well, like it or not, you’re goin’ to get our help!”

Thinking quick, I reached into my bag and brought out one of the capsules the girl from Andromeda had given me. Someone had told me about the different types of Poké Balls I could find in Celestia, before I left on my journey. The Quick Ball, they said, was good for quick captures—and worked best if thrown at the start of the battle. I didn’t want to engage the little guy yet; it had been wounded by those porky thugs, and it would seem cruel to put it through more trouble.

Still, I told Blaze to stay on his feet while I hurled the Quick Ball at the Roggenrola—just to be safe.

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