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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Still wandering in Route 3 (I NEED TO CATCH A CERTAIN POKEMON IN THIS ROUTE)
"Wow, such a nice guy, despite the fact that 1. He tried to molest you guys, 2. He challenged me into a battle yet he doesn't want his Pokemon to battle and 3. The price of the box of Band-Aids that he took are more expensive than a Greatball. But, oh well..."
I continuously rant about the recent events. Suddenly, Treecko and Meowth collapse from a nearby tree where they were playing. I immediately take out both Pokemon's Pokeballs and returned them back to their 'home' before they hit the ground.
"Munna? Did you do this?" I look at Munna who was already sleeping. So, its not her. Wait a minute, now that you think about it Treecko and Meowth have never stayed their Pokeball. They must be exhausted after playing for days without a proper rest. I better get Munna back to her Pokeball too. I take out Munna's Pokeball and Munna's red energy form enters her Pokeball. Now that my Pokemon aren't here to watch over me when sleeping, it's my turn to watch over them. I stay up and keep their Pokeballs in my arms, covering them with warmth in this cold forest...
Official's Post:
Aww, the way you watch over your Pokemon is touching... But aren't you tired? You sure look tired... can you feel your eyelids dropping slightly?


Something screeches from the trees above your head. Your eyes snap open.

Wild Hoothoot appeared! Write a paragraph if you want to catch it!

Note: Sorry for the wait! Remember you can keep posting, you don't have to wait for an official's reply. If you make new posts you'll be more likely to get an event =) Also remember you can only catch two Pokemon per route per week, so if you're looking for a specific Pokemon, keep that in mind ^^
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