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Default Re: Black and White Easy?

Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
It was so easy it wasn't even funny:
  • "Oh, you want to fight Lenora? Here, have a forest of Fighting types."
  • "Oh, you want to fight this member of the Striaton Trio? Here, have a monkey tailor-made to kill him",
  • "Oh, you want to fight Skyla? That's fine, but first you have to get through this cave fully decked out with Electric Pokemon. Oh, did I mention Skyla uses Flying-types?"

For f*** sake :(
Don't forget the wild Darumaka lurking about in Route 4, which is easily accessible before Burgh. Not that there aren't Rogenrolla, Pidove, Pansear, Woobat to help you out, too.

It feels like each gym had a Pokemon to help you out that you could obtain just before it:

Striaton: Pansage/Pansear/Panpour
Nacrene: Timburr/Sawk/Throh
Castelia: Darumaka
Nimbasa: Sandile
Driftveil: Vanillite, Ducklett
Mistralton: Joltik, Tynamo
Icirrus: Mienfoo, Boldore, Gurdurr
Opelucid: All Unovan Ice types, Druddigon

Yes, Unova was a cake-walk if you knew what you were doing.
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