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Default Re: Team Plasma Beginners Tourny ! Genesect Giveaway !

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Yes, it is. Seriously, single digits. Just about to break double digits in Black 2. I'm going excruciatingly slow because I take pics of stuff I find interesting. I spent a week replaying the first badge four times for the starters. This was before they started being given out by mint. Seems pretty wasteful now, I know.

Might join with White 1 if Judge can tell me if bred but not EV trained Pokémon qualify. After Skyla I dropped 4 of my team and went to the breeding couple. Then I continued the game normally.

That's all I got.
I guess it depends what you mean by bred? Were you IV breeding to try and pass on good stats? Or you just bred two random Pokemon?
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