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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Spinel waited for her comrades to finish before she spoke with Nurse Joy. She placed her Pokeballs on the tray and also sent Bellsprout home for her mother to look after, not really trusting the PC system. She had it set up that if she caught a Pokemon and already had the six limit it would then just be sent back to her mother, but that wasn't all important. She then carried Ren and her Pokemon Egg to the counter where Nurse Joy was.

"I'm not sure what is wrong with my Totodile," she said. "We've had a few tough battles, so I'm not sure if she was injured and I somehow missed it of if she's getting sick. As for my egg I just want to make sure the Pokemon inside is safe and sound, there being no negative affects of it being in my bag during travel. It isn't too much to ask for you to look over them?"
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