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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:
Aww, the way you watch over your Pokemon is touching... But aren't you tired? You sure look tired... can you feel your eyelids dropping slightly?


Something screeches from the trees above your head. Your eyes snap open.

Wild Hoothoot appeared! Write a paragraph if you want to catch it!

Note: Sorry for the wait! Remember you can keep posting, you don't have to wait for an official's reply. If you make new posts you'll be more likely to get an event =) Also remember you can only catch two Pokemon per route per week, so if you're looking for a specific Pokemon, keep that in mind ^^
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Battling Hoothoot
"Hoo!" The Hoothoot dive right into my face. I roll quickly to the side, fast enough to dodge the Bird Pokemon. Oh crap. I can't wake up Treecko or Meowth since they're already tired! Then the only choice is...
"Go Munna!" I release my half-asleep Munna.
"Muuuu...~" Munna yawns loudly and drowsily look at the wild Hoothoot. The Hoothoot found its opportunity and releases a large Hypnosis wave at Munna. The Hypnosis hits Munna right in her head and she falls asleep. Oh crud. Suddenly, the fallen Munna that lies on the ground releases a bright glow. Huh? Out of nowhere, the wild Hoothoot falls into the ground and wriggles like its been binded by an imaginary chain. Is it? I can't believe it! Munna has the move Sleep Talk! Phew! The move that Sleep Talk unleashed is probably imprison, negating the wild Hoothoot's hypnosis with her own. The wild Hoothoot flinches and flies away in fear. Hmph, that Pokemon's only move is probably Hypnosis. Oh well, what a crazy night.
"Munna, are you awake?" I ask Munna who is lying on its side at the ground. No reply. I might as well put her back in her comfy Pokeball. The sun is rising already.
"*Yawn*" I better sleep now than be tired when exploring this route later...
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