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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Aldur An'rayi
Human Rogue
The Seventh Rose, Southport

Aldur found himself walking towards the street where a new tavern had opened recently, one that hadn't been there the last time he spent time in Southport. There were rumors going around about this new establishment extraordinaire, it was said to be something you wouldn't want to miss. While he was walking, he pondered over the predicament that had made him to relocate from the rather luxurious hideout he kept in the capital.

Apparently a prominent nobleman from Dragonstone with an arrow sprouting from the back of his head caused quite a commotion in the capital. It could have been because it happened in the palace courtyard, it could have been because it was in the middle of the greeting ceremony at his arrival, merely minutes before he was to meet the Royal Highness in person, but mostly, Aldur thought, it was because the now deceased nobleman had been there to answer a royal summons from the throne. The last part Aldur hadn't known at the time, and since a guest of the royal house was supposed to be untouchable, the city guard as well as the palace guard had gone out in full force. Thus, he had moved on, deciding to let the situation in Skyspire cool down for a bit. They had no way of connecting his face to the assassination, almost nobody could link his face, or name, to his occupational identity as one of the select few who could truly call themselves ghosts or shadows, but the mere fact of knowing that every armed guard in the city wanted his hide had made him more tense than a bowstring.

So here he was, in Southport, contemplating whether or not it would be a good idea to lay low for a while, when he suddenly came upon the street he was aiming for. Slowing down just before he came upon the tavern, he opened the door and came to a halt in the doorway, as he noticed a woman with what appeared to be a glowing hand. Magic he assumed. While unconsciously putting his hands on his weapons, he tried to take in the whole scene, figuring out what may be happening inside the tavern.

Perception check(I assume?) to scout the patrons currently inside the tavern, trying to figure out what he just walked in on.

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