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Default Re: General Pokemon Black and White 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I still only have 3 Pokemon in my team and I feel like I need more :( I just haven't come across Pokemon I want to use, either because they don't interest me or I've already trained them before.

My current team is Snivy, Magneton and Golduck. There are a bunch of Kanto Pokemon I've always wanted to try out but never have (Magneton and Golduck being two of them), so I felt like it was a good opportunity. They have both turned out to be pretty awesome too! Plus I am impressed with Snivy after figuring it would be kinda useless. xD Coil+Leaf Blade/Return... not bad!
Hmmm... Trying to think of ones that people don't often play through with... How about the gift Eevee with it's hidden ability in Castelia, then evolving it into Espeon (Magic Bounce? Heck yes!!)? Orrrr Zorua? I think this is a gift as well, but in Driftveil City.

Crobat is quite fun to play with (and sort of a Kanto pokemon). Other ones I would consider would be Trapinch or Sandshrew (both from Desert Ruins) or maybe a little Skorupi (love this guy, don't really know why...).

Keep us posted on any additions!

- ND
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