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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 3: Fake Tears

One day had passed since Scarlett had seen the news report about Viridian Gym's downfall. The sun was beginning to disappear into the horizon, making the sky a soft orange and purple color which mixed with the soft clouds as they slowly drifted through the warm air. She had been working most of the day at the Pokemon salon and it was getting around the time to close the shop for the night, so she began cleaning the floors and the windows since she had no customers at that time. Her blonde hair, which used to be neatly on top of her head, was falling out of her lace ribbon and hanging in her face, causing her to attempt to blow it away from her eyes. Soft growl-like snores escaped from her jolteon's mouth whom was fast asleep on top of the front desk, its legs hanging off the edge and fidgeting as the fox dreamed.

Scarlett sighed out of exhaustion as she swept the fur and dirt off the tile floor, imagining how amazing a hot bath sounded at that time. Another one of her coworkers was in the back cleaning the restrooms and making sure every surface was disinfected for the next day. Her jolteon's ears twitched when the soft bell chimed as the door opened, spaced-out footsteps echoed throughout the shop as someone new came in the warmth of the room. The ring of the bell snapped the young girl from her trance and a old voice followed a few seconds after. "Hello. Do you have time for one more?"

The amber-haired girl looked up to the source of the voice and gave the guest a welcoming smile even though it was seven minutes to closing time, but the girl's tender heart could not send her away without feeling guilty. "Of course! I can help you out." The customer was an old woman who was almost five feet tall but her face really shocked Scarlett, causing her to pity her even more and making her curious as to what could have happened to cause these horrible markings. Her left cheek had a large burn mark which stretched down to her neck, though it looked as if it was finally turning into a scar. Her right cheek had multiple scars and scratches as well, but the feature that stood out the most was her frown. Followed by this woman was by a younger boy who was probably in his early teens and seemed to be her grandson. His face read that he did not want to be there at all, but he probably did not have a choice.

The woman took a pokeball from her purse and released her pokemon on top of the front desk which startled the sleeping jolteon, causing the electric fox to automatically bare its fangs at it. The jolteon calmed once it saw that the newly released creature was not a threat and curled back up in a small spiky ball, closing its eyes and opening its mouth widely, yawning softly. The woman's pokemon revealed itself to be a nidoran and it appeared to be covered in a thick coat of mud which was slowly dripping onto the clean wood of the desk. Trying to keep a straight face, the exhausted girl lead the filthy poison-pinned pokemon into another room so she could bathe the pitiful creature. Scarlett had seen worse and she was lucky that it was not a pokemon with long hair or she would have to stay even longer, but her tiredness made her attitude not the most pleasant in the world. .

After fifteen minutes of scrubbing, the nidoran had no trace of dirt left on its blue-colored body, and it was delighted to be rid of the filth that used to hide its bright skin from the world. The young groomer giggled at the sight of the little poison pokemon's joy plus she was also overjoyed that it was almost time for her to go home to relax for a while before she trains her own pokemon for the night. They walked back into the main room where the nidoran's owner was waiting patiently while reading one of the available magazines that was piled up on one of the tables.

"Okay Ma'am, she's all done!" Scarlett said as she approached the front desk, followed by the woman's pokemon. The woman marveled at how beautiful her nidoran looked, thanked Scarlett for her deeds, and returned her poison-typed pokemon back into its pokeball, gently putting it back inside her purse. "It will be 10.00 for the bath, please." Scarlett said while stepping to the left towards the cash register. The elder reached into her purse again, getting the required money for the treatment. Finally, she handed the currency to Scarlett slowly, but when their hands barely touched, the woman's eyes went completely white as if her life was instantly sucked out of her, though she continued to stand. Scarlett's heart dropped as she quickly grabbed the woman's hand with both of hers as a protective reflex, her breathing beginning to speed up in fear. "Ma'am? Are you alright?" She asked hesitantly.

The room was silent for a few seconds until a blood-curling scream erupted from the old woman, her eyes still a dull white and her mouth as wide as it could go. The scream startled the younger girl, causing her to yelp in response then scrambling to get her Pokegear with one hand to call an ambulance as the other was still tightly grasping the woman's cold hand. The grandson ran behind the lady and whispered soft words to her as if he was trying to calm her down, though his own eyes were full of worry. Before she can find the device, the elder squeezed Scarlett's hand in a rough manner, clawing it to a point until a small amount of blood was drawn as she continued to groan and scream.

"You did this!" The woman cried, facing the shocked girl. "You did this to me!" Scarlett tried to free her hand from the stranger and confusion filled her mind as she began to struggle. "W-What?! What are you talking about? Please, let go!" Her jolteon that had been awake since the scream, was growling loudly at the woman, its fur standing up as sparks of lightning escaped from each strand of hair. "I'm warning you, lady!" Scarlett yelled.

"It killed everyone! There was so much..Fire! You have that horrible beast! You killed all of them!" The woman screamed as she grasped a handful of Scarlett's golden hair, yanking her around in a mad rage, causing them to knock over a large vase which held a beautiful plant that used to stand proudly besides the front desk. The shaken groomer whimpered in pain as she was dragged around by her hair, though the desk kept her from moving around too much, but another cry of distress filled the room whenever the jolteon sunk its teeth into the deranged woman's skin, trying to save its beloved trainer.

Whenever the girl's hair was free, she took the opportunity to grab the bat that was hidden underneath the desk for self-defense because she did not want to resort to hurting the woman with her pokemon. Jolteon let go of the woman's arm but appeared to be charging up for an electric attack, for there was sparks and loud rumbles that sounded like thunder surrounding the fox's small body. The woman fell to the floor in surprise and her screams turned into helpless cries for help as her eyes began to shift back to normal. Growls and barks came from the angered pokemon as it showed its sharp teeth extremely close to the woman's face. "No! Don't Jolteon!"

The sound of sirens could be heard outside of the shop which sounded like angel's singing a special song just for Scarlett who was still slightly startled by this experience. Her co-worker had already called the police whenever the first scream went throughout the area and had made sure that the security system was functioning properly, and the building was secure just in case the woman had an escape plan. Two policemen came into the shop, both looking rather intimidating, and eyed everyone in the room, causing an awkward silence to engulf the room.

"Officers! Please help me! This woman attacked me!"

Scarlett's eyes widened when the woman who attacked her uttered this out pitifully to the police and a wave of anger instantly consumed her, but she attempting to remain mature about the whole situation."I'm afraid she's lying. She attacked me" She said calmly as she showed her clawed wrist to the officers. "I even have witnesses and a camera to prove that I did nothing wrong." The old woman who was still on the ground, then went into a fit of loud sobs which aggravated Scarlett more than she already was, hoping that the cops would not actually buy her story.

"She has a killer officers.." The woman mumbled in between sobs, her eyes turning back into the eerie white. "It killed many on my island. It will kill more." She said in a hysterical tone.

The younger boy bit his lip in embarrassment. "My grandma has a history of not being fully stable, officers. There was a small accident, but she did not mean any harm. I am sorry for the misunderstanding." The grandson said while kneeling down beside his grandmother who had a sinister smile on her face as she stared at Scarlett. One of the police officers escorted the woman and the grandson out the building for interrogation, much to Scarlett's advantage but she was still shaken by the woman's actions towards her. She nervously ran her hand up and down her arm, trying to regain her composure and her breath.

The co-worker was escorted as well by the same cop, leaving Scarlett alone with the far more frightening featured man, much to her dismay., though he was a very decent man."You're lucky to have such a great co-worker to have the guts to call. Are you alright ma'am?" The large man asked. "Yes,Sir." She uttered out very softly, still feeling really uneasy. "I do have records of Mrs. Elvira attacking others in the past, but the boy was right and she is mentally has been for years. I am sorry that you had to experience this tonight. Are you badly hurt?"

"No, sir. Just freaked out a bit, but I can handle these scratches on my arm." The man nodded and apologized once again for the actions of the woman, then finally left the shop, leaving Scarlett to absorb everything that just happened to her. The elder's voice echoed in her mind repeatedly, forever haunting the golden-haired girl.

She has a killer in her possession?

What did the woman mean? It couldn't be. If the woman was talking about her pokemon, they were all well-trained pokemon that she had for years... but maybe.. just maybe one had a history that she did not quite know about.

She had to have answers and she knew exactly where to go to try to retrieve them. She finally closed the shop for the night after cleaning up the mess that the woman caused, and made sure that it was fit for business in the morning. As she stepped out into the night air, she breathed in, enjoying the fresh air that came to greet her, her jolteon standing loyally at her feet. Then, they both began to sprint away from the shop.

As they ran, the trainer faced her lightning fox and clapped a two times, signaling for it to jump in her arms as soon as possible. The jolteon obeyed and jumped towards its trainer, then Scarlett's arms snaked around her pokemon tightly, holding it close to her as they continued to run through Fuchsia City, getting closer to the thick woods which looked as if it was just a dark void eager to swallow them up. The trainer reached down with a free hand, and grabbed a greatball from her belt, and threw it above her as she continued to sprint through the night, holding her jolteon whose ears were bouncing in sync with every step that she took. The greatball spun before the loud pop noise was finally heard, and a large white light exploded out, lighting up the area around them.

Before the light disappeared, Scarlett had already jumped on the back of the newly released creature, and as if it was already planned, they lifted into the air and flew straight up into the sky at a very fast speed, heading up towards the rain filled clouds that was hiding the stars and the moon from the world. Finally able to relax, the trainer and the eeveelution nuzzled their faces into the winged creature's black feathers for comfort, enjoying the tickle they gave as they danced fearlessly in the howling wind that circled them. Hisses and low growls were heard from the feathered beast as it flew higher, flying through the thick sea of clouds. Lightning bolts were flashing all around them as they passed through them, a low rumble of thunder giving everyone chills as they passed, jolteon feeling the most pleasure from the lightning.

Finally, they were flying above the clouds, as if they were swimming in a large ocean that had no end, the coolness of the air giving the trainer hope. Scarlett gently gripped unto the beast and slowly leaned her body in the direction she wanted her dragon to go. "We're going to Saffron City, guys. I need a word with Sabrina." Her feathered dragon roared in response, rumbling the clouds that were in their presence and eagerly picked up the pace, effortlessly cutting through the air as its large six wings flapped in sync with each other. Thoughts filled and swirled within Scarlett's mind, brainstorming as to what she would ask as they headed in the direction of the "Shining Big" Saffron City.

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