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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
HA! No offence, but Haxorus (I'm almost positive) will be either UU, or UU/BL at the end of three months since we all have 'Chomps back in OU.

Let them test one time Lugia, and see it isn't overpowered.

Want to guess what happenes to D-nite after that?
Trust me joel I have been studying this for years and the best agree with me I have studied the meta game for years, I know what I am talking about more than anyone else on pe2k and even the best of smogon have agreed with me, I am not be an insanely tuth battler on the ladder, but when it comes to theorymon I am your man on pe2k anyways and no way will lugia be competiition for nite, ivce beam and the bulk of the gods is what will hurt nite, but nite sure will have na easier time than most dragons with the quad weakness.

Old haxy will not go down to ou his nieche is not gone, he is a choice bannder of insane strength chomp can only dream of, and he can dd not that he dose that very well anyways, but people that laugh at haxy really don't know what this monster is capible of, both he and latias are so badly underated dragons in ou it's just not funny and I love facing people in ou with them, because they have your attitude and underestimate them and die like a female dog in heat.

anyways I plan to have pe2k and the lead the way and go ahead with out smogon in unbanning another uber for trial.
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