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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Sorry for not getting this in earlier.)

*Walks in after Gold* D**m headache...We'll need sleep...We'll NEED sleep.

Yhea, all this stuff...Dredd and Max...Dear Arceus, you'd need to sit down and write about it to get it all...

I've though too much on the subject, just way too much...And then it hit me, Gold. Then it hit me.


When you think about it enough, Koga is a ninja. He's a man of shadows. He uses deception and trickery to gain the upper hand in combat. Considering that, it wouldn't be TOO much to say that lying is a form of deception. Then, I thought it over some more, and realized that, quite frankly, would ANYONE the Rockets have under their control be as truthful as we're seeing? Dredd? Giovanni? The common grunts? And then you can't just help but notice...They're all manipulative by nature: They'd just LOVE to control our actions by feeding lies to us, and so far, we've been eating them up like a Swalot in an all-you-can-eat joint.

[COLOR="sienna"]...That's why you wanted to talk about it, I guess?COLOR]

Quite frankly, I was more assured on Killing Max a few days ago, before it happened, over Dredd. But those Rockets are too smart to be spilling all thier secrets that cockily. No, it was just too informative to be true...No, getting into their base wasn't part of their plan. But everything else...No, it seemed too deliberate.

I feel as if everyone's watching us, everyone's priveatly keeping their eyes out for us, hoping we save from this...Oppression. You could feel it: The tension in the air, no matter where you were or where you went in Kanto...Nobody questioned it, but everyone knew something bad was in the works. They know we're deep into it, so they're looking at us to save them, I feel. And we barely know anything. It's just a maze of whether or not something is true or not...

I know where you're going with this, and-

Gold. Think for a MINUTE! If anything we've gotten from Giovanni is even half-true, he's going to wipe out free will off the map and control the world! And that's not even counting what'll happen when Dredd gets his a** into the mix and takes over Max entierly! Do you people want to know what I saw during my ONE period of brief-Time Travel?! Dredd. OBLITHERATING. Cerulean. He had strong Psychic powers FOURTEEN Pokemon, and he was just ALONE! All of it was caused JUST BY HIM!!! At that point, I think the only reason he could even be held back at ALL is because he was having a few too many of Max's memories flowing through his mind, and considering that he's Psychic, well, d**m that for round two!! There is no guarentee the Lunar Serum will even work, there's not even a guarentee that what we've got is even what we're looking for at all!

Do you NOW Understand why I want Max Dead?! It's the only f***ing solution I have! Because just giving him the Lunar Serum?! Even if it works, it's only a temporary solution, and I don't want to have to die, KNOWING that others have to clean up my mess, KNOWING that I made the wrong move and Dredd came to be, KNOWING that I failed!

...I'm just stressed about it is all, and I always have had killing Max-and by extension, Dredd-as a solution, but considering everything we've gone through since going into the Safari Zone, I'm not even sure that'll work at all! This has just gone WAAY too far, and WAAY too long!! I want the bloody truth, AND I D**M WELL WANT IT NOW!!! *Slams his fist into a table*


*Looking at the others assembled*...I don't hate any of you. I admit, I'm biased against Max, and neither of us have gotten along on the best terms, even before Max became Dredd. I know the conversation would just turn, quite literally, into a bloody murder scene if Max got in on the argument, but I know he has the best intentions in mind...I...Heard that Scar died. He was, to me, an idiot who would blindly go off and do what he needed to. The same reason why I argued that it was stupid for Scar to sacrifice his soul to Giratina to rescue a partner was because Giratina could have broken free and killed everything it could, all to save exactly ONE Pokemon's soul...Ridiculous. And he also set off some alarms in a base of criminals-Not Rockets, some gang called the 3-Ring roughousers. They were merging Pokemon together. Scar had gotten hold of two of the PokeBalls that were recently merged together into a new Pokemon, didn't use them during the fight...I could have reasoned that he didn't want to use them in fear of them turning, but he could have taken the PokeBalls with him...He caused me a lot of headaches. I didn't really hate him either, no matter how much I yelled, I knew he had the best intentions...And dear Arceus, I do not have any grudge or anything against any of you. It's why I'm here. I'm unsure. Nobody really is 100% confident, but I've never felt this hopeless before...I'm just scared of the consequences of failing this whole thing...

*Buries his head in his palms*

Markus, can we go outside, briefly? Discussing it in front of you...Well, it'll-

Oh, no, I'll go out, Gold. *Gets up and walks out. A few tears are clearly visible in his eyes*

*Waits until the door is shut* OK, you girls can really kind of see why I wanted to have this conversation. I'd have shot anything like this down normally, but Markus...He's been attempting to coax Max into suicide as of recent. It's just because he's paranoid and he'd rather not kill Max himself, but I feel like that he was planning on killing Max if he didn't do it soon enough. He's been farily consistent in reminding him whenever he's around, as if to make sure he does it. I think Markus was planning on killing Max while he was asleep, for whatever reasons he had. I couldn't really shoot him down before, he'd just say I'm a biased a**hole and that I should think about the larger picture. I have, several times, mind you, I see what he's got going in his head, and you two girls probably got a clear picture. Call me an a** all you want-and call me it now, please-but I don't want to break Markus! I have complete truest in Max, but I don't want to have to watch Markus drown himself in stress and grief. I couldn't live with having let Markus kill Max, and I couldn't live just leaving him like...that. He took having his Weepinbel killed badly, and I really think that was really unfortunate, but he's never been quite the same since...I really just do NOT like the situation between Max and Markus, and I think now's the best time to get rid of all that tension. We just need to tell him we should not Kill Max. I think he'll accept if we just reason it out a little.
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