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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Spinel knew, even in her unstable state of mind, that going out on the route outside of the city would be suicide. She found a tree to perch in instead not terribly far from the Center. She curled up in a tight ball, tears still flowing down her face. However she remained silent, and was not shaking like she should be. A wild Pidgey joined her for a little bit before flying off, but it went pretty much unnoticed. She remained like that until she heard someone call out for her.

I was hoping no one followed me, she thought, instantly recognizing the voice.

She sighed before she turned to look in the direction the voice came from, seeing Moon exit one of the alleys she had ran through. She was tempted to say nothing, but knew that was not the answer. That would probably make things worse if she just ignored the other girl.

"Up here," she said, her voice quiet and broken.
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