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Once again guys, Thanks for the inputs! It amazes me how friendly people are on this forum, I've been on other ones and most things that get posted just get blasted with insults or mods just going crazy.

I have thought about it off and on whether to get it or not, If you can for sure take photos, I'll end up being Pokemon's slave again and buying it mainly just for that. As for actual reference, Like I noted before, I have a full blown Dex on my iPhone that has everything from Gen 1 to 5 PKMN (including Sprites for each pokemon for every game that it was on, including shiny, IV calculators, EV calculators, dynamic search for types and attacks (and who can learn them) just literally EVERYTHING, you can't beat it, it would even give bulbapedia a run for it's money.

but anywho, Yeah, I may end up getting it.

Also, has there been any talk of being able to trans PKMN from the Dex to BW2?
I loved the fact that you could get PKMN from the radar, i.e. all Legendary Genies in their alt forms which is just sweet!
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