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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

You ignore the humming sound and continue towards the source of the smoke. Strangely the humming continues, though still off in the distance. Maybe you're being followed?

The mist eventually becomes so thick that you have to stop. You squint, trying to see some kind of landmark to head towards. You finally make out a dark silhouette. You walk towards it and find yourself face to face with an Altaria, which is spewing out a Mist attack. The poor thing looks exhausted.

When it notices you, it stops its attack and recoils in fright. This Altaria seems strangely scared of humans... maybe the Mist is some kind of shield?

Just as you ponder this new development, you hear muffled footsteps coming up behind you. You turn to see a man shuffling through the fog with one arm out in front. In his other hand he carries a brown sack which is making a strange humming sound... A Venonat walks beside him.

The man pushes past you and confronts Altaria. The blue bird Pokemon looks terrified this time.

"Now I gotcha, you stupid bird," the man grumbles. "Thought you could hide yourself and all ya little forest friends with this smoke didn't cha? Too bad for you, I can see right through ya little plan!" He motions to his Venonant. "My Pokemon has super great sight. So I guess ya plan failed. Now you're gonna come with me and don't kick up no fuss or you'll end up like ya little buddy in here!" He shakes the bag menacingly and it emits a soft squeak.

As if suddenly remembering you, the man turns around. "What are you doing here, scram kid," the man says, dismissing you.

You look up at Altaria, who is now hovering in mid air. The Mist attack has begun to clear. The Pokemon seems like it wants to flee, but it can't take its eyes from the sack the man is carrying.

Your path back to the route is now clear and this guy looks dangerous. What are you going to do?
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"Hey! Let go of the Altaria and release whatever is in that sack of yours! You have no right to control a Pokemon in such barbaric ways!" I angrily shout at the inhumane stranger.
"Heh, what do you know kid. It's how people make money these days! No kid's gonna stop me from doing my own business!" The weird stranger confess
That just crosses the line.
"If you're going to Pokenap that Altaria, you must go through me first!" I take out Meowth's Pokeball from my bag and sends him out.
"Nyaa!" Meowth seems to already understand the situation from the sight of the weakened Altaria and the stranger.
"If that's what you want, then so be it! I'm not gonna be responsible for any bruises you and your Pokemons end up with! Go Venonat!" the Pokenapper orders his Venonat.
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