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Default Re: Unova Starter Giveaway! Come Claim Here!

Well Im glad to see the starter giveaway is turning out well. It means that Mint and I had the right idea. Please give us sometime to fill of your orders ! We are going to try and get everyone done this week.
For those of you new to the forum you should also check out our B/W2 tournament. It is a fun tournament for light battling, it was made for new trainers playing through the game. We are also giving away some great gifts for joining and taking part in it. A Genesect to everyone who enters and finishes out the tournament. The winners will be getting a shiny pokemon and the iv/ev pokemon which can come for our great shop which has a lot of great pokemon in it. You will also be getting start up money for the WFL which is made for those of you who like causal battles and making new friends to battle.
To check it out Click Here

If you dont feel comfortable battling but are a big fan of trading come check out the cool new game Here. You will be able to get your hands on tons of random pokemon and the person who figures out which pokemon it is first wins the event!

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