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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Well you will all be able to feel something is off, but you cant interfere in case my posts makes you want run out the door.)
Max speaks.
" Master Koga is not here...."

The person continue to walk forward. His voice gets less shaky as he approaches the gym floor. The only light in the room comes from the moon that is filling in spots on the floor.

Max looks over
"did you hear what I said.."

The figure stops just short of the light.
"Yes I did, but then again I wasnt really looking for Koga. Just his replacement." The figures words are cold.

Max stands up, trying to read the person he is hit if a strong dark vibe.

The figure speaks out.
" Messing around there will only cause you pain Max." The figure steps forward.

Max heart speeds up, while had never seen the figure before he knew who it was. He could feel it in his chest. He was looking at himself but much different. The dark figure was mostly covered in black. His presence was strong.

"There is it...the fear that I am use to.."Dredd said with a slight arrogance.

Max takes a couple steps back

"There is no point, the strong psychic in the world would find themselves wishing for death if they tried to get in here. The battle with Sabrina was important for both of us. In my time the witch served noting more then an announce he ended up regretting testing her skills against that of death. In time she turned out to be a little stronger..but dont worry, with your powers increasing once you become me, the little witch will beg for death. Now then, Koga is gone, the serum is in our hands."

Max speaks up
" Dont you dear say our hands. You and Geovanni are to blame for what is happening. My problems should have never been yours !"

Dredd lifts is hand and Max floats off the ground.

"Do not speak over me Max. I would hate to hurt us.. Everything hear is a mess, and you need me to stop it. Geovanni was more intelligent then I gave him credit for. He has taken the same crappy idea but taken out the bugs. Perfect soldier... I gotta say if I wasnt already planning on taking his soul Id respect the guy."

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