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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze), Pidgey (Freya), Roggenrola (Critter)
Currently: Feeling spooked

*arriving from Navi Town*

"Well, this is a creepy place..." I muttered as the four of us walked down Route 3.

Blaze made a quiet whine in agreement as he held on to my leg. Freya was roosting on my shoulder, likewise distrurbed by the dark forest we found ourselves wandering down. Even though we had left early in the morning, the bright summer sun just couldn't break through the thick canopy. While the three of us where disconcerted, Critter happily skipped down the path ahead of us as if he hadn't a care in the world. Then again, maybe the rock-type was used to dark places...

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