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Default Re: Project Gray [PG-13]

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Hello! :D It's nice to see a new writer around here! Welcome to Pe2k! ^^

I got around to reading your story here this morning, and I got to say, it's pretty interesting so far! You kind of confused me when you said the story takes place in the anime world, but then proceeded to use the manga characters.

Also, I'm wondering how this Project Gray thing... is it some government entity that has subtly taken over Kanto? Why would they think they have the right to apprehend Pokemon? I'm hoping for an explanation about this some time.
Hiya! Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm trying to get deeper into the Pokemon community instead of just grazing the surface like I have been for years. lol Thank you for taking the time to read and critiquing what I have so far!

I'm really glad you pointed this out. This story does NOT take place in the anime universe, but exists in the world from the games. (Their personalities might mix with how they are in the manga though) I'm really sorry for confusing you about that. Hope things will be more clear now. I fixed the typos, plus I'll fix all of the dialogue (paragraphs) and I'll try to avoid that problem again. ^^

Also, "Project Gray" is a governmental operation that is slowly forming over time. (Unknown to the main characters for the time being) Using a bad president or even Hitler as an example; leaders win an election by using words of encouragement, but they eventually grow into something that citizens cannot control anymore because the large amount of people who actually appreciate the leader. All of this is going on in the background while the characters are oblivious to what is even going on. (perhaps i should change the summary)

Thinking out the box, Pokemon in the wrong hands can cause destruction and can even endanger lives. If this keeps happening over and over, what if a new leader thinks that the only way to protect the human race is to get rid of the problem, and what if victims of disasters actually agree? The joys of politics xD

More will be revealed as the story goes on. Again, thank you so much for reading what I got so far! Made my day!
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