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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 4- Helping Hand [Part 1]

((Author's note/ Just so everyone is on the same page, this story takes place 5 years after the events of Pokemon Gold and Silver! Also, this chapter is rather long, (there is a word limit =w=) so I'm going to have to split it.))

A loud clap of thunder shook the ground while a cruel blast of cold air blew the leaves off the trees as they flailed helplessly back and forth. It was around the hour of dawn whenever Blue had arrived in Pallet Town, but his face was contorted with worry as he thought of his older sister's safety, praying that she would be alright. He gripped his pidgeot's soft feathers tighter than he realized while they zoomed past other small homes within the town that he always thought was peaceful. The gym leader's pidgeot finally reached the familiar house causing Blue to become even more uneasy, but he tried not to let his nerves get the best of him as he bravely jumped off the large bird, landing on his feet perfectly as the Pokemon hovered a few feet over the small home.

He ran unto the porch then grabbed the handle of the door, twisting it slightly, but unfortunately it was locked. "Damn it.." He muttered under his breath while he knocked roughly on the wooden door, becoming more agitated the more he knocked. "Daisy, let me in!" The gym leader yelled as he continued to pound on the door. "Sis! C'mon!" His voice gradually becoming louder. He groaned and gave up on the door, figuring that he would try the window instead. He left the porch, ran past his Pidgeot who was sitting patiently on the cobblestone walkway that lead to the house, and reached the little window that had small stained glass figures of Pokemon that barely shined since the sun was hidden behind the clouds. Umbreon, who was still sitting upon the pidgeot finally jumped off, making a soft growl noise whenever its paws met the stone path, and followed its trainer, then stood proudly at the gym leaders feet.

Blue looked in, observing for any sign of movement within his old house, but the spotless house that he always remembered was quite the opposite. Chairs was knocked over, a flowerpot appeared to be smashed, and a small fire could be seen in the kitchen. Blue darted back towards the door, knowing that he probably could not fit through the window, plus he knew his older sister would be furious if he even put a scratch on the glass pokemon figures that she created. On the second try, he was able to cause the thick door to fall in by tackling it with his side thanks to the training he received at the Fighting Dojo. Blue was not only a talented trainer and gym leader, but he was also a skilled martial artist who received intense training himself and technically he was the Champion of Kanto, even though it was only for a few minutes.

"Daisy?" He asked as he entered the house while looking at the damage that has been done. He was able to put out the fire that was caused by the gas oven that was probably left on for a long period of time, and it appeared to have spread unto a kitchen cloth that was nearby, ruining sections of the furniture. Damages to the house became the least of his worries when he heard whimpering coming from upstairs. The cries filled the young man's ears as he ran up the stairs at full speed. "Daisy, Hang on!" The noises lead him to a bedroom that was heavily decorated with white and yellow colors, but not even the brightness of the room could calm Blue. His eyes scanned the room, searching for the source of the voice, but he saw nothing. "Daisy?"

The whimpers finally proceeded, leading Blue to the closet. He opened the door and flipped the light switch on, excited to see that his sister escaped from whatever attacked.

But, this was not his sister. Disappointment swept over the gym leader as he sunk down, becoming eye level with the frightened creature, though his hand slowly formed into a fist. It was his sister's Chansey who was balled up within the closet, and it looked as if it had seen a ghost, though its face brightened considerably when it saw Blue. "Are you okay?" He asked the nervous pink pokemon. It nodded yes, but its face slowly became sad once more. "Is," he paused "Daisy gone? Did someone take her?" He gritted his teeth and lowered his head once the Chansey nodded yes again, anger consuming his body causing him to kick himself inside for not being here sooner. His Umbreon nuzzled its trainer, trying to comfort him, but Blue got back to his feet sooner than was expected. He ran out of the room, down the stairs and back into the streets of Pallet Town, and sped away towards Professor Oak's Laboratory while Chansey and Umbreon trailed slowly behind him.

He let himself in, shouting "Gramps" as soon as he entered. The two small pokemon entered as well, observing the scene. His eyes softened when he saw that his grandfather was not here and there was destruction within the vicinity, causing his anger to heighten. One of the Professor's aides, who had a similar expression to the chansey, appeared from the corner of the lab and approached the younger man.

"A strange group with a Machoke, right?" Blue asked before the older man could speak.

Surprised, the aide nodded, "Yes, how did you know?"

"Call the police and tell 'em what happened, but I doubt they will be a lot of help." He replied, ignoring the helper's question and storming towards the exit. "They are messin' with the wrong guy."

The angered gym leader slammed the door to the lab closed, his Umbreon still closely following, leaving the aide and the chansey dumbfounded in the cold building. He walked past his house again, returning his large bird pokemon back into its ball and headed south towards the large body of water. Quiet splashes were heard once he stepped into it, though the area turned silent again once the water settled. With one hand stuffed in his pocket, he stood in the shallow water, soaking the bottom of his pants and shoes, and pulled another pokeball off his belt. He threw it above the sparkling coast and the snap of the ball echoed, breaking the cold silence of the morning. The materializing beast plummeted into deeper section of the water, causing a large splash that spread all around the area, even soaking Blue's hair and face, though he did not even flinch.

A large blue serpentine creature with a gaping mouth filled with razor sharp teeth emerged out of the water, its roar overpowering the howling wind and the thunder. The Gyarados allowed its trainer to climb upon its neck area, then sped through the icy water while Blue guided it. He knew that he would need help and finally did not let his pride take over his sight. He did not know where to even look for his family, and he wanted to know who those strange men were. Maybe another gym leader who was far more wise than he was knew what to do, and perhaps someone else has met the same ruthless group who is wanting to take everything away from him. His eyes slightly watered while he thought of his sister, knowing that if she lost her life, he would never forgive himself.


Scarlett, who was perched on the back of her black feathered beast, hovered above Saffron City, attempting to find the gym that was hidden by hundreds of other buildings, though they both were being drenched by the rain. The trainer wiped the water from her eyes, trying to remain strong in the cold rainy weather. Her dark dragon lowered in altitude so they could get a better view of the buildings, but the rain continued to intensify while they searched. Scarlett had been to Saffron a few times in the past because riding the Magnet Train used to be a necessity. Around five years ago, her pokemon did not have enough strength to travel from Johto to Kanto in one day, but after years of training, they could make it to Kanto in a matter of minutes so they had no need to go to through this large city anymore, though it made her forget most of the directions.

Finally, they came across a very uniquely designed building, which they figured was the gym. Scarlett's dragon let her off its back gently once they landed smoothly on the ground, then hissed quietly as its six wings stretched out far into the air, enjoying the feeling of the cold rain on its feathers. The golden-haired girl ran into the patio of the building, happy to finally get out the rain. The cold was one of her most hated things. She twisted most of the water out of her hair but her Jolteon shook its body very close to where she was standing, spraying water everywhere, soaking Scarlett once again. "Heeey!" The Jolteon snickered in response as it nuzzled its damp face against its trainer's leg.

'She thinks she is clever, huh?' Scarlett thought as she squeezed the remaining water out of her clothes unto the Jolteon's head, smiling widely. The yellow fox shook the water out of its fur once again and looked up at its owner with its large violet eyes, though a smile formed on its furry face. Scarlett got on her knees, giggling softly as the Jolteon jumped into her arms and rubbed against her face. She embraced her loyal pokemon, giving the fox a few scratches behind its ears before standing up again. Then, she walked to the edge of the patio, extending her arm into the downpour, and her cold fingers were soon greeted with a scaly noise which felt surprisingly warm. She ran her hand over the creature's smooth muzzle, thanking it for the ride there, and returned it back into its Greatball so the dragon would be out of the rain.

"Okay, let's do this." She said as she reached for the handle of the door. She let herself in and was instantly comforted by the warmth of the building. There was many arches and doorways along the lengthy corridor which was lit up with odd colored torches attached to the walls, giving the area a greenish glow. She looked down when a teal light snaked across the floor, then eventually disappeared until the next light followed the same path.

Intrigued by the style of the gym, Scarlett toured the building, almost forgetting the reason why she even came. Her amusement was interrupted once she stepped on a platform that gave her body an electrifying sensation while a quick flash of light blinded her, causing her to close her eyes in response. Once she opened her rose-colored eyes, she was shocked to find that she was in a completely different room except this room had no windows or doors. As she stepped away from the platform, she canceled out the possibility that this was a trap, because she knew all gyms tested people and pokemon in its own unique way, whether it be a test of strength or a test of the mind. Either way, anyone who masters the assessment by reaching the gym leader increases their mental and physical durability.

Another light flashed as her jolteon appeared upon the same platform, tilting its head while looking around the room. There was two more platforms on the opposite side of the room in each corner. Scarlett walked towards one of them, hoping the one she chose would bring her closer to the end of the maze. Before she could take a step, yet another light startled her causing her to automatically walk backwards while shielding her eyes with her hands. "Really?!" She said, becoming annoyed that she was being blinded so many times in such a short time. She opened her eyes, to see a young woman standing in front of her. She had long grayish-blue hair that a flipped out hairstyle, though a few shorter strands hugged her face, and her piercing eyes caused Scarlett to get chills just from being in her presence. Scarlett recognized her though, because she had groomed her pokemon in the past. "Follow me." The gray haired girl commanded softly as she stepped on the platform once more, disappearing again.

Scarlett obeyed the girl, stepping on the same platform, followed by her loyal fox of electricity. The darkness of the rooms caused her to remember the words of the old woman. The image of her burned face was branded into her mind. Every time she blinked, she would see her eyes staring right into her soul. They trailed behind the older girl as they went from room to room; platform to platform until they finally reached the largest room. The floor would light up around their feet every time they took a step, plus the cracks of the tile continued to glow with the same teal light that was in every room before, slithering all across the darkened room. Once they were all in the middle of the room, the older woman finally faced Scarlett, her expression had not changed at all. "I knew you would come today," She started, "but you really do not have much time. Ask your questions quickly."

"Well, I just feel like there is something wrong, I-I mean, first the Celadon Game Corner gets attacked, then the Viridian Gym is completely destroyed, and on top of that, the gym leader from my town has even disappeared; Morty of Ecruteak City. A woman came into the salon and threatened me, telling me that I had a...killer. Sabrina, can you tell me if any of my Pokemon are linked to these attacks?" Scarlett asked, her words filled with hesitation.

Sabrina looked at her in silence for a moment, making the blonde trainer nervous. "None of the members in your party caused any of the attacks that happened in the past weeks," Scarlett sighed in relief, "but one did cause a horrible accident five years ago." The younger girl frowned. She tried to believe it, but she just couldn't. Her pokemon seemed so gentle, so trustworthy, so loyal.. "What happened? What about the other accidents? Is there more coming? Is there anything we can do to prevent what will happen?"

The psychic sighed as she was being buried with questions, but replied quietly, remaining patient. "Scarlett, I have a gift to sense certain things, but I am no god. I do not have the answers for everything." The golden-haired girl lowered her head in disappointment, but at least she had a clue to learn more about the disaster that happened five years ago. She had to have answers because she felt partly responsible. Water continued to drip from the girl's clothes and hair, leaving a small puddle underneath her feet since she was still drenched because of the downfall. "Well, can you at least tell me where the woman who attacked me lives?"

Sabrina walked to a large chair that was in the very back of the gym room, where she probably waited for opponents to challenge her. She picked up a purple bag that was laying on the throne, placing the strap on her shoulder, then power-walked towards the single teleporting platform in the opposite corner. "We got to go." Confused, Scarlett slowly followed and wondered why they just could not speak in here. "We got to go NOW! Hurry!" The telepath stated loudly before she stepped onto the special tile. Scarlett scooped her jolteon in her arms and sprinted towards the platform, finally stepping on it and disappearing from the large teal room.

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